The Pyramid

A fumigator that repels and/or eliminates pests and may be used for large areas in farming and agricultural environments, industrial facilities, warehousing and storage, sewerage systems etc.
Product Features
  • Pyramids may be manufactured in different sizes.
  • For in depth treatment of large areas.
  • The fumer allows penetration into all cracks and crevices unlike other methods such as micro nebulisation and thermo nebulisation.
  • The molecules of the active ingredient continue to work for a period of 2 or 3 days.
  • Double Pyramids are supplied flat, separated and assembled in seconds.
  • Smaller pyramids are available for use in the home.
  • Materials are manufactured from 100% vegetable extract certified by relevant French authorities PEFC and FSC.
  • Active ingredient can be selected (control of concentration level will be in accordance with individual client requirements regarding shape, addition of biocides, essential oils and IFRA and ECO LABELS).