6th March 2017

Yanco Launch Product On Home Shores

Yanco has taken the move to launch its innovative insecticide solution onto the UK market.
Targeting the thriving outdoor industries as well as those travelling abroad where threat of disease via airborne insects is prevalent, the paper based product will be available via on line web distributor, Purple Turtle.
Kevin Riozzi, Deputy Managing Director at Yanco commented: “There is undoubtedly a need within this country for a quick, simple and effective pest control solution for those that love the great outdoors. We've tailored our paper based product for a UK market and are selling this through a number of channels, beginning with Purple Turtle.
“We also believe that the paper will hold strong appeal for those travelling abroad who are keen to take their own insecticide solutions with them, recognising the many benefits over a spray based product.
“Our paper is available with lavender fragrance and is simply lit, then smoulders for 3 minutes, releasing a fragranced smoke that is immediately effective in killing mosquitoes and midges.  The effects can last up to 7 hours afterwards.  It is highly effective and inexpensive.”
Kevin added: “Our product is unique, innovative and very relevant on a worldwide scale. Whilst we’re seeing strong uptake of our products globally we felt that we should make the move to offer our paper to a UK audience and are really pleased to see this now come to market.”
The packaging has been redesigned to appeal to a UK audience and is available in packs of 12 at a price of £1 per pack.
To purchase online visit www.purpleturtle.co.uk/acatalog/Rambo.html