10th November 2016

Taking The Stand At The Private Label Manufacturuers Association (Plma) Latin America Exhibtion, Sao Paulo, Brazil

​Yanco’s exposure to new and merging global markets continues to gather pace, the firm recently exhibiting at the Latin America’s largest private label trade fair in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
The concept of private label (or white label), is one of the main trends of the new global market in the retail sector. Put simply, a business creates a brand and private label companies manufacture products on their behalf. The private label market is particularly important to Yanco. As manufacturers of insecticide solutions, businesses or organisations within a specific country are constantly exploring new and innovative ways of combatting diseases, offering tried and tested products under their own brand.

Kevin Riozzi, Deputy Managing Director at Yanco explained: “We are seeing a rising trend in the private labeling of our products with customers keen to utilise our knowledge and expertise, creating new and improved solutions for a very real global concern. Our Insecticide Paper for killing mosquitoes in particular, is a revolutionary low cost and portable product that is an ideal addition to the portfolio of an existing insecticide brand holder or FMCG distributor. Yanco are co-developers of the product alongside the patent holder, Bayer Cropscience, and we are the only global company licensed to manufacture this fantastic product as private label. Our clients recognise the synergy with their own brand and we are happy to offer a private label agreement where products are sold and marketed under a specific brand.”

He continued: “Our insecticide paper product is already well established in parts of Latin America, which is undoubtedly a major growth area for us due to the presence of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya. Our insecticide paper, and range of unbreakable mosquito coils are a perfect fit in these areas, offering a low cost and highly effective solution.”

The UK Yanco delegation spent several days in Sao Paulo exhibition, followed up by a series of meetings.