1st December 2016

Yanco Invited To Attend Major International Conference

Yanco has been invited to attend an international workshop discussing ‘Insecticide resistance in vectors of emerging arboviruses: Challenge and prospects for vector control'.
The prestigious international event, held in Rio on the 5th and 6th December 2016, will be attended by specialists in the field from across the globe with an early address made by the Brazilian Minister of Health. Several Minsters of Health and Foreign Affairs will also be speaking whilst other attendees include the World Health Organisation.

Presentations will be made by eminent scientists, specialists in their chosen and global industry leader, including Yanco, who will provide detail and background on its innovative paper based insecticide solution.

Kevin Riozzi, Deputy Managing Director at Yanco commented: “This is an incredibly prestigious event that will seeing leading minds from across the globe gather to discuss the issues surrounding insecticide resistance and vector control, showcasing the latest developments to help combat these global concerns.”

Yanco’s paper based product is being utilised in several continents affected by mosquito borne diseases including malaria, dengue, chikungunya and zika.

A simple, inexpensive and highly effective product, once lit, the impregnated paper releases an insecticidal smoke and quickly kills various mosquito species and provides protection for several hours afterwards.
Kevin added: “Yanco continues to develop its insecticide paper for the aid sector and are exploring collaborations with global partners. This event will give us a valuable added insight into the issues surrounding our industry whilst providing a great platform from which we will be able to showcase our product, which we feel can fill the gap that exists in indoor biting, particularly during the daytime.