10th November 2016

Yanco Partnership Agreement Secured In Dominican Republic

Yanco and Peralta Fernandez & Co S.R.L. have formed a partnership agreement to supply insecticide solutions within the Dominican Republic in a bid to manage the growing issues of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya, prevalent throughout the island.
Long established distributors of agrochemicals and FMCG household products including insecticide products, Peralta Fernandez will market Yanco’s insecticide paper under a private label agreement throughout the Dominican Republic.

Yanco’s low cost insecticide paper product offers immediate and effective treatment for eliminating mosquitoes. Users simply light the paper and allow it to smoulder for 2 ½ minutes while it releases a fragranced smoke that will immediately kill mosquitoes and provide protection for several hours afterwards.

Peralta Fernandez will distribute the products, under their own established Plagox brand, via retail outlets including modern supermarkets and local Colmados, offering an incredibly inexpensive yet highly effective measure to help tackle these deadly diseases.

Kevin Riozzi, Deputy Managing Director of Yanco, commented: “The insecticide paper has been widely accepted by the local population in the Dominican Republic. The marketing of the paper coincides with a drive to educate consumers, especially pregnant women, on the benefits of using the paper as an indoor solution during the daytime and evening.  This is particularly important as the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the vector for Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya, bites during daytime.  We see the paper as a more practical alternative to advising pregnant women to stay under a bed net during the day.” 

Kevin added: “This is a strong and important partnership with Peralta Fernandez and we are seeing the distribution of the products gather momentum throughout the island, where they are quickly becoming embraced as an affordable, essential household outcome.”