Yanco is based in Liverpool, UK, where we develop our full range of innovative, sustainable and affordable insect repellents and insecticide products. From here, we ship to customers all over the world, supporting them to achieve success in their own territories and, ultimately, combating insect-borne diseases and helping to protect consumers from a wide variety of insect pests.


A company with global connections

As a historic port city with a long tradition of global trade, Liverpool has long been a natural home for companies with strong connections to other parts of the world, and it was as just such a company that we were founded in 1996, working as a procurement office for customers throughout West Africa.

Since then, we’ve expanded within the city to become a leading developer and manufacturer of insecticide solutions, as well as continuing to work as an international procurement office.


The complete service

Now, our modern plant in Speke in the south of the city is home to product development teams, manufacturing expertise and all the administrative, sales and regulatory support that our customers need, wherever they’re based. As a private label manufacturer, we support customers all over the world, delivering a range of high quality, affordable insecticide products that help to fight the spread of insect-borne diseases and make life safer and more comfortable for everyone.


From our expertise in product innovation and development through to manufacturing and distribution, there are many reasons why our customers choose us – and why they stay with us.

Product innovation

Our in-house development team creates new and innovative products that are affordable and easy to use, and that fight insect-borne diseases across the world.

Proven expertise

We’re proud to work with some of the insecticide sector’s most prestigious brands and businesses, partnering with them to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Full regulatory support

We give our customers all the regulatory support they need, including managing the process of submitting products for Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) approval.

Cutting-edge technology

Our product development and manufacturing processes use the very latest technology to ensure the highest quality levels at every stage of production.

Quality and service

We don’t only develop and manufacture innovative and affordable insecticide products. We also support customers with high quality service every step of the way.


Our products are designed to deliver effective insecticidal and insect repellent properties safely and sustainably. We respect our environment throughout development and manufacturing.