Prevent moth damage to clothes stored in closets and wardrobes with this convenient hanging product.

Hang this discreet product alongside clothes and enjoy protection from moth damage. The robust plastic hanger includes a useful date wheel that makes it easy to check when it expires.

– Long-lasting protection against clothes moths
– Active ingredient: transfluthrin (0.45%)
– Plastic hanger is easily hung alongside clothes
– Pleasant lavender fragrance
– Does not stain fabrics
– 1x hanger protects spaces of up to 0.5m3
– This product is fully approved under EU BPR and available EU wide under Mutual Recognition
– This product is available as private label or under Yanco’s Rambo or Zappo brands

Proven effects
– Kills adult clothes moths (tineola bisselliella) and interrupts breeding cycle
– Efficacy data available against adults, eggs and larvae

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This simple plastic hanger allows the transfluthrin-impregnated product to hang where it’s most effective – alongside clothes in cupboards and wardrobes.


It’s the moth larvae that causes the damage to cellulose-based textiles, and by killing adult clothes moths, our Moth Hanger interrupts the breeding cycle and protects clothes for up to three months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What area does this product protect and for how long?

One hanger protects an area of 0.5m³ for 3 months.

What fragrances are available?

We can supply in Spice and Lavender fragrance. Other fragrances are available upon request and subject to regulatory approvals.

Can you offer for Private Label?

Yes, we can offer for Private label or in Yanco’s Rambo or Zappo brands.

Is this product registered under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)?

Yes, this product is fully registered, with Mutual Recognition in place for all key EU markets.

What is the price and minimum order quantity?

Please contact our sales team directly to discuss your specific requirements.


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