SUBSTRATE made entirely from recycled paper and cardboard

Protect against mosquitoes and other flying insects in outdoor spaces for over four hours with just one of our Unbreakable Mosquito Coils.

Available in versions containing pyrethrum, prallethrin or citronella fragrance, our coils deliver long-lasting outdoor protection. Made from 95% recycled materials and containing no chemical burning agent, they are safe and simple to use.

– Each coil burns for up to four and a half hours
– Keeps outdoor spaces clear of mosquitoes and flying pests
– Coils won’t break during transport or separation
– Contains no chemical burning agent
– Available options: prallethrin (0.04% or 0.1%); pyrethrum (0.3%); citronella (0.95%)
– Our Mosquito Coils are registered in all key EU markets
– This product is available as private label or under Yanco’s Rambo or Zappo brands
– Substrate made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard

Proven effects
– Effective against aedes aegypti, aedes albopictus, anopheles gambiae and culux quinquefasciatus mosquitoes

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How It Works

  • Open the packaging and remove a double coil and metal stand
  • Separate the coils
  • Carefully, fully extend the centre of the metal stand upwards and then extend the inner section of the stand
  • Attach one coil to the metal stand
  • Place the stand and coil on a flat heatproof plate, to collect the ashes Ensure that the coil does not touch the plate
  • Light the outside end of the coil until fully lit and then blow out the flame The coil will continue to smoulder
  • Once the coil is completely used, dispose of ashes in household waste
  • Retain stand(s) for future use


We manufacture our Unbreakable Mosquito Coils from recycled paper and cardboard, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice than traditional coils.


Unlike traditional mosquito coils, our innovative product doesn’t contain any chemical burning agents such as potassium nitrate.


Our Unbreakable Mosquito Coils are available in a range of product options with different active ingredients or fragrances to suit each customer and market. Versions containing prallethrin, pyrethrum or citronella are available, with all delivering over four hours of protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each coil burn for?

Each standard coil burns for up to 4 ½ hours.


1. Our coil substrate is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard,
2. It does not break during transportation, separation or usage,
3. It contains no chemical burning agents.

Is this coil registered for sale in the EU?

Yes, our coil is registered for sale in all key EU markets and a dossier is available to support further registrations.

What is the price and minimum order quantity ?

Please contact our sales team directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Can you offer for Private Label?

Yes, we can offer for Private label and our existing customers include market leading brands and retailers. We can also offer in Yanco’s Rambo or Zappo brands.

Can you offer a coil that doesn’t require a registration in the EU?

Yes, we can offer a Citronella fragranced coil that does not require EU registration.


As experts in the development, manufacture and supply of innovative insecticide products, we offer a complete service to customers all over the world, including full regulatory support. We establish strong, lasting relationships built on years of knowledge, experience and success.

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